New China Global, Inc.

Custom Research, Translation, and Editing Services

New China Global Inc. is an educational services provider specializing in research, translation services and editing assistance.

We have an interactive online learning system and personalized approach that keeps our clients competitive in today’s markets. We offer a wide variety of services from academic research papers and dissertations to professional development or translation services. Our teams of University graduates specialize in an array of topics and academic research levels to suite the needs of clients in a myriad of languages.

Stay Competitive in Todays Market
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Whatever your content type

Whether dealing with complex technical documentation, multimedia applications, localizing web and marketing material, preparing software for global markets or developing international e-learning solutions, NEW CHINA GLOBAL INC. has the experience that fits your business needs.

Whatever your industry

Whatever sector you work in, NEW CHINA GLOBAL INC. has the experience and resources to fit your business. From Automotive, Software, Electronics and High-tech companies to the Finance, Life Science and Travel and Tourism industries, NEW CHINA GLOBAL INC.’s pool of over 900 in-house skilled translators and subject matter experts ensure your content is in safe hands.

Partnership with Universities

New China Global Inc. will focus on continuing to build relationships with Universities Globally as part our Corporate Strategic Plan. We believe the developing world represents an untapped market with potential for massive growth due to economies of scale.

eCommerce Translation 

New China Global Inc. has also begun strategic negotiations with a global translation service with the intent of developing an exclusive eCommerce partnership.

Consulting Services 

New China Global Inc. now offers business professionals the opportunity to clarify business objectives, prioritize company milestones, and better plan and manage cash flows through our Corporate Services.

These Corporate Services can also be translated into multiple languages simultaneously, which accelerates time to market, reduces costs and maximizes efficiency. These services can enable companies to enter new global markets, and increase market share.

The Corporate Services and Global Operational Solutions offerings from New China Global Inc. are unique in that we work with clients in a variety of languages and cultures to increase the effectiveness of the final product, by targeting the demographics desired by the client

New China Global Inc.’s’ Global Operational Improvement Consulting supports customers in solving complex operational problems from diagnosis through to solution implementation. We bring our customers the best solutions to operational problems by blending our unparalleled global execution experience with insight and research.